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7 Must-Have Desserts in Ipswich

Our family-recipe Crispy Waffles are a favourite treat for everyone.

7 Must-Have Desserts in Ipswich


Ipswich, Suffolk, is a town of artists and you can find creativity anywhere. With its impressive galleries, museums, theatres, and music scene, you can definitely conclude that people living in Ipswich have great taste.

And that affinity for beauty is not limited to visual representations and expressions of the people’s culture. The class, artistry and creativity of Ipswich show in its food as well.

The town has a waterfront that is lined with shops, galleries and cafes – cafes where you will find some of Ipswich’s excellent eats.

One of the best things about food in Ipswich is its provision by the abundant local farms around the town. Food in Ipswich is made with the freshest ingredients.

Hence, Ipswich is home to some of the best foodie places, fine dining restaurants, and, of course, places for exciting desserts in England. So, what are the desserts that Ipswich and its creative locals can offer?

Here are the TOP 7 DESSERTS you better have a taste of when in Ipswich.

Dessert No. 1: Crêpes

Crêpes are a staple European and English desserts that everyone of any age can enjoy. But in Ipswich, it can take wildly exciting forms in terms of flavours and ingredients.

This food is one of the things that unifies the Old Worlds in terms of the love for flour-based food.

In Ipswich, you will have a fun time with excellent toppings and pairings with crêpes, especially with fresh fruits from local farms. You can count on the delight offered by the creative hands of the people of Ipswich.

Never leave Ipswich without a strawberry-chocolate filled crêpe or a cookies and cream flavoured one. The best thing about flavours used in crêpes is that they are better in waffles – more of this later in the article.

Dessert No. 2: Cupcakes

England loves its cakes and, of course, local bakers are top experts in making the mini ones, cupcakes.

English cupcakes have always been food for royalty, dressed in icing of exquisite and luxurious designs with high-quality ingredients.

From heavenly and rich chocolate to dairy, and freshly-cut fruits to make you feel refreshed, there’s no limit to the experiences you can have in Ipswich when it comes to lovely little cupcakes.

You have strawberry, red velvet, Crème brûlée, cream cheese, blueberry, and much more.

Dessert No. 3: Ice Cream

In Ipswich, you can have all sorts of frozen treats. The town is an infinite source of ice cream including soft serve, scoop, sundae, ice cream sticks, pre-made cones, and more.

But nothing beats freshly served soft or scoop ice cream topped and flavoured with Ipswich delights. 

When you order any ice cream from any spot in Ipswich, be ready to feast on a dessert, nay, work of art.

On a side note, ice cream and waffles are a common pairing in the town – more of this later.

Dessert No. 4: Churros

Churros eventually came to England from Spain and, as a highly viable vessel for dips and flavours, inevitably found its sweet spot in Ipswich. While a generally neutral food that can be served as a savoury, it is best served with sweet accompaniments as a dessert.

This dessert of Spanish and Portuguese origin has long since been loved by Ipswich locals and the people have given the delicacy a local twist of their own when it comes to flavours.

Enjoy a churro in Ipswich – find a nice local spot and get one that perfectly matches your afternoon tea or coffee. Enjoy a classic cinnamon-sugar churro or go for delectable dips like creamy strawberry or chocolate.

Dessert No. 5: Waffles

Waffles are one of the best things you can have in Ipswich and in the entirety of England. Never leave the town, region, or country without having a famed English waffle.

Waffles can be eaten for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snacks, or dinner – even as midnight snacks. You can enjoy it any time of the day with any pairing of coffee, hot chocolate, milkshake, etc.

Why do waffles match everything?

It is because waffles are the QUINTESSENTIAL vessel for flavours, toppings, and fillings. They are essentially made of elite bread material but packs more flavour and texture and are perfect for any custom craving you want.

Whatever it is that you place on top of a waffle or in between a folded waffle, you bet it would take on an entire level of yumminess. 

One of the best things about waffles that you can find in Ipswich is that the locals have found some of the most creative ways in the world to serve them. You can have the full flavour of a waffle in Ipswich whether it is vegetarian, egg-free, or non-dairy.

If you are looking for a  waffle spot in Ipswich, especially a family-owned one, be sure to look for Waffle and More (waffleandmore). You can have custom toppings and ingredients without losing the integrity of the English waffle you came for.

Additionally, with fresh ingredients from local family-owned farms and top-quality products used for waffles in Ipswich, you will surely sink your taste buds into the dessert that will fill your heart with all the happiest memories of your childhood.

You can have strawberries and cream, blueberries, nuts, chocolate, and even waffles topped with a wide variety of ice cream flavours.

Waffles are an Ipswich favourite for locals and visitors alike. People snack on them alongside a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, or essentially, anything.

Hence, it is not uncommon to find spots and stores in the town that can have you buy waffles anytime, anywhere, for here, for pick-up or for delivery – like ours at Waffle and More.

Dessert No. 6: Pies

England has a great assortment of pies – meat pies, savoury pies, fruit pies, and of course, dessert pies. So in Ipswich, as a town of creative foods and flavours, you will never run out of options when it comes to pie fillings, especially those that satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

In Ipswich, bakers and pastry chefs go wild and creative with pies because, just like waffles, they are a perfect blank canvass for toppings, fillings, and flavours. Think of an ingredient and you can “pie” it!

Dessert No. 7: Cakes

It would be rare to find an English person who despises cakes. And surely, the people of Ipswich love their cakes – and you can always have a piece of it.

In the town, you will find a myriad of restaurants, cafes, and dessert spots that offer slices of heaven. With the locality’s farm-fresh ingredients, you will get to enjoy refreshing yet rich combinations that are perfect for your chillax moments.

Ipswich will always make it feel like every day is your birthday with its lovely cakes and other sweet treats like crêpes, cupcakes, ice cream and waffles.

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