Coming soon to Worcestershire and Rugby

Coming soon to Worcestershire and Rugby

7 Must-Have Desserts in Ipswich

Introduction Ipswich, Suffolk, is a town of artists and you can find creativity anywhere. With its impressive galleries, museums, theatres, and music scene, you can definitely conclude that people living in Ipswich have great taste. And that affinity for beauty is not limited to visual representations and expressions of the people’s culture. The class, artistry […]

Ingredients to Make Waffles | Crispy and Soft, and Vegetarian

Introduction Waffles are an excellent choice for snacking or a hearty breakfast. These delicious beloved English lattice cakes are wonderful, lovely vessels for a variety of toppings ranging from fruits to pastry flavours like cream and chocolate. While the toppings or fillings can often take the spotlight, a little added attention to the waffle ingredients […]

How to Make Vegetarian Waffles & 7 Easy Recipe Ideas

Introduction Warm up the waffle maker, and let’s get cooking. Here are the best, easily customizable VEGETARIAN waffle recipes that will give you the needed fuel for your day. Whether you need fuel for your daily workout or a filling and rejuvenating meal in the middle of the day, vegetarian waffles are a nutritious alternative […]

7 Craziest Waffles on the Internet

Introduction Are you a waffle-lover? If so, maybe you think you have tried everything as a topping on your beloved breakfast-friendly snack. And most probably, you have ticked your checkboxes for savoury, sweet, tangy, and the most exciting combos you can find. But most likely, your choices are generally in the acceptably edible level of […]