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Our family-recipe Crispy Waffles are a favourite treat for everyone.
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Unlimited free games arcade access

No coins, no headaches & no worries! Indulge your inner child or bring along the kids and enjoy unlimited arcade games. Leave the coins at home, all you need is an entry ticket and you can go wild in our arcade room and play to your heart’s content.


Freshly Made

The only frozen food we make is ice cream! All our desserts and waffles are freshly made with the highest quality ingredients. Our family recipes have been handed down from generation to generation, we’re waffle experts, and we know how to pack a delicious punch with every bite.


Locally Sourced

We support UK businesses by sourcing our fruit & ingredients from local, organic farms. We handpick seasonal produce and create our menu around it. You can trust that our treats are made with the freshest ingredients, try it for yourself and taste the difference!


Fun & Affordable

If you’re looking for a fun day out that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, we’ve got your back. For just £3.99, you can get 2 hours of unlimited play in our arcade. Enjoy some budget-friendly treats while you’re here and have a day out that doesn’t break the bank.

Waffle and more

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Super Saver

2 Hours Private Hire Arcade


2 Hours Private Hire Arcade


2 Hours Private Hire Arcade
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2 Hours Private Hire Arcade


bishop's stortford

We’re not your average dessert cafe

We know you have countless options to choose from, so why should it be us? From day one, we wanted to build a different kind of cafe, one that valued its customers and served up fresh treats made from our secret family recipes. We think we’ve achieved our dream, and we’d like to share it with you.


What we do


We offer a fun, affordable day out for the whole family.


Our arcade games are cash-free, you can enjoy unlimited playtime.


We have vegetarian options available for our plant-loving friends.


All of our waffles and desserts are freshly made with local ingredients.

What we don't do


We don’t overpromise and underdeliver, we care about our customers.


We don’t stop the fun, pay a once-off entry fee and get playing.


Our menu isn’t average, our family recipes are unique to us.


The only frozen food we serve is ice cream everything else is fresh.

Don't just take our word for it

With our four nationwide stores, we have built a community of happy customers.
Our famous crispy waffle, unlimited arcade and unmatched hospitality has helped us build a 5-star rating. Come in and see for yourself!




Waffle and more


We have four fantastic Waffle & More locations around the UK! Each one serves up our famous crispy waffles, delicious hand-made desserts and a day of fun in our stacked arcades.
If you’re looking for an affordable and fun day out with your family and friends, pop in for a treat!

Craving? Have Waffle Today

Whether you are stuck at home, mobile, or looking for a place to satisfy your cravings. Order On Delivery Now!


Get your delicious treats from us via Deliveroo.

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Choose a package

We’ve built our packages with you in mind! No matter your needs or budget, we think you’ll find a package that ticks all the boxes. All of our packages include 2 hours of unlimited playtime in our arcade. No coins, no cards, no fuss, just have fun!

Each of our packages comes with tasty treats, including some vegetarian-friendly options. Have a look through the package menus to find the best one for you.

Book your event

Once you’ve chosen the perfect package, book your event at one of our four locations around the UK. We have Waffle & More stores in Ipswich, Harlow, Bishop’s Stortford and Hackney, London. Choose the perfect date and time for your event and get ready for a day of fun.

If you’re unsure about which package is right for you, or you have some questions before you book, feel free to reach out, we are more than happy to help!


Have fun!

We pride ourselves on offering the best service at the most affordable prices. You can enjoy your event, filled with unlimited arcade playtime and hand-crafted treats and desserts, without breaking the bank.

When you arrive at our store for your event, you’ll be met with the friendly Waffle & More team who will help you pull off the event of the year that you’ll never forget!



Frequently Asked Questions

You can shop for waffles, ice cream, desserts, and drinks on our website, desktop, or mobile

When you tap or click “Click and Collect,” the website will redirect you to our shopping page, where you can “add-to-cart” your selections from our menu. In addition, you will be able to select the branch nearest you and the time you want to collect your order.

When you select “Book a Table,” we will bring you to a booking page where you can pick the branch and time and date you want to dine and reserve a spot for you and your friends or family. You can also input the number of people you will bring so that we can set the correct seating for you.

For deliveries, when you click or tap “Delivery” on this website, you will be redirected to an Uber Eats shopping page.

We deliver via Uber Eats.

To order ensure that you have an Uber Eats account or are signed in to the service. First, create an account and make sure you input the delivery address.

Then, you can click the delivery button on this site or find our store in the Uber Eats app or website. From then on, you can select your waffles, ice cream, desserts, and drinks.

When you’re all set, tap the “Add to Cart” button. Then, to place your order, tap on “VIEW CART” or “Checkout.”

Make sure that you review your order before tapping the “Place Order” button. Then, all you have to do is wait and track your order progress.

When using Uber Eats, make sure that you have your notifications and volume on so that you can hear when your order is about to be delivered.

Our crispy waffles are an original family recipe. It is unique in that our waffles have a distinct crust that provides a crunchy and crispy texture as you bite while remaining soft and lovely to chew.

Our crispy waffles’ crisp exterior and airy interior offer an exquisite contrast of textures that your taste buds will find unforgettable. Also, together with the different flavours that come with our waffles on our menu, you will experience combinations that seem straight out of heaven.

Our crispy waffles come in two different types, waffle sandwiches, and full waffles. They feature a wide variety of flavours, including strawberries and cream, Kinder Bueno, hazelnut, and more.

What makes our waffles vegetarian-approved is that we use an original family recipe that is free from any meat or lard product. Everything is meat-free, and we can guarantee that we only serve vegetarian waffles.

Even the toppings of our full waffles and fillings of our waffle sandwiches are meat-free and vegetarian-friendly. Additionally, we have non-dairy choices for those who are lactose intolerant or dairy-free.

We have choices of oat milk, soy milk, hazelnut milk, and coconut milk for those who cannot have dairy or cow’s milk.

No, our waffles have some gluten in them as they are made of flour. However, we serve gluten-free or gluten intolerant people with other items on our menu that are okay for them.

Almost all of our drinks, coffee, ice cream, and most of our desserts are 0% gluten, and everyone can enjoy them.

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